Penelusuran Referensi Pangan dan Gizi

Pengetahuan Ibu Tentang MP-ASI

Studies indicate that the level of education can influence dietary behavior during adulthood (Kearney et al. 2000). In contrast, nutrition knowledge and good dietary habits are not strongly correlated. This is because knowledge about health does not lead to direct action when individuals are unsure how to apply their knowledge. Furthermore, information disseminated on nutrition comes from a variety of sources and is viewed as conflicting or is mistrusted, which discourages motivation to change (De Almeida et al. 1997). Thus, it is important to convey accurate and consistent messages through various media, on food packages and of course via health professionals

Appropriate complementary feeding depends on accurate information and skilled support from the family, community and health care system. Inadequate knowledge about appropriate foods and feeding practices is often a greater determinant of malnutrition than the lack of food. Moreover, diversified approaches are required to ensure access to foods that will adequately meet energy and nutrient needs of growing children, for example use of home and community based technologies to enhance nutrient density, bioavailability and the micronutrient content of local foods (WHO, 2003).

Mothers, fathers and other caregivers should have access to objective, consistent and complete information about appropriate feeding practices, free from commercial influence. In particular, they need to know about the recommended period of exclusive and continued breastfeeding; the timing of the introduction of complementary foods; what types of food to give, how much and how often; and how to feed these foods safely.


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