Penelusuran Referensi Pangan dan Gizi

Nutritional Assessment of Athletes

Sebuah buku karya Prof. Judy A. Driskell, Ph.D., R.D. dan Prof. Ira Wolinsky, Ph.D. dari University of Nebraska, sangat cocok buat anda yang berkecimpung dengan dunia olah raga.

Buku yang terbit tahun 2011 ini, terdiri atas 406 halaman, 4 bagian dan 13 Bab, yaitu :

  1. Section I Dietary Assessment of Athletes (Chapter 1 Estimation of Food and Nutrient Intakes of Athletes | Chapter 2 Evaluation of Nutrient Adequacy of Athletes’ Diets)
  2. Section II Anthropometric Assessment of Athletes (Chapter 3 Physique Assessment of Athletes: Concepts, Methods, and Applications | Chapter 4 Body Composition and Gender Differences in Performance)
  3. Section III Physical Activity Needs Assessment of Athletes (Chapter 5 Laboratory Methods for Determining Energy Expenditure of Athletes | Chapter 6 Field Assessment of Physical Activity and Energy Expenditure among Athletes | Chapter 7 Molecular Aspects of Physical Performance and Nutritional Assessment)
  4. Section IV Biochemical Assessment of Athletes (Chapter 8 Assessment of Lipid Status of Athletes | Chapter 9 Assessment of Protein Status of Athletes | Chapter 10 Assessment of Vitamin Status of Athletes | Chapter 11 Assessment of Mineral Status of Athletes | Chapter 12 Assessment of Hydration of Athletes | Section V Clinical Assessment of Athletes | Chapter 13 Clinical Assessment of Athletes)

[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]Jika anda berminat memiliki buku ini, silahkan isi form pemesanan pada bagian menu SERVICES[/box]

“Through our books and researches, we are pleased to have played a small part in the recent, and rapid, growth of the science of sports nutrition, a phenomenon that continues unabated. Taken together, our series of monographs, edited volumes, and textbooks form an exhaustive and comprehensive corpus on the subject of sports nutrition, including assessment. These books have been very well received and we are proud. You have in your hands the latest book on the subject, the second edition of Nutritional Assessment of Athletes. Since the first edition, there have been important advances in critical areas of nutritional assessment and these are included. In-depth discussions of important topics of interest to health and nutrition professionals as well as the motivated layman and the weekend athlete are presented. As before, the volume covers a wide span of nutritional assessment and brings you the latest authoritative information from experts. As such, it may be used as a resource and a textbook” (Prof. Judy A. Driskell, Ph.D., R.D. and Prof. Ira Wolinsky, Ph.D.)


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